There will be a booth area in each location, St. Jean Brebeuf and St. Luke Schools. Most topics will be different in each location, so it is advised to go to both of them as well as stopping by the two landmarks: Brentwood Community Garden (400 m from St. Jean Brebeuf School and Native Landscape Sidewalk Viewing (450 m from St. Luke School).
* Main topics at St. Jean Brebeuf School (crossing the street from Walmart, Northland Mall) are: solar energy, green roof, efficient gardening techniques, electric vehicle, etc.
* Main topics at St. Luke School (1 km behind London Drugs, Brentwood Mall) are: passive house, net zero building, LEED for Homes, etc.
St. Jean Brebeuf and St. Luke Schools are ONLY 15-23 minutes away by foot from the Brentwood C-train Station. Also, there are several bus stops beside each school. Some of them are: Bus stop 6851 (buses 8, 82 and 105) at St. Jean Brebeuf School and Bus stops 4047 and 4050 (bus 105) at St. Luke School.

Note: If you bike please follow driving regulations (road will not be closed), use helmet and required safety equipment. Also, do not leave your children unattended. Event personnel are not responsible for driver, biker or pedestrian behaviour. Be safe and enjoy!!

Addresses and Google map:

St. Jean Brebeuf School: 5030 Northland Drive NW, T2L 2J6

St. Luke School: 1232 Northmount Dr NW, T2L 0E1

Brentwood Community Garden:  5107 33 St NW, T2L 1V3

Native Landscape Sidewalk Viewing: 23 Baker Crescent NW, T2L 1R3
St. Jean Brebeuf School
St. Luke School
Walk/Bicycle Route Map
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